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July 23rd, 2007

04:17 am: What a waste of space I've turned out to be. I'm still at 270, and haven't been able to diet or exercise almost from day one of starting this journal.

I now have a new stress in my life - I am being transfered to Houston in less than 2 months. Sept. 1 is my start date down there, and I have to find a place to move and get down there.

It will be a challenge, but I believe it will be doable.

Having not been "around" for various reasons, mostly lack of opportunity to get on line due to home situations, my continued absence will just be "run of the mill" but I am still going to be trying to work on me during this transition.

Also, the company has a deal with a local gym down there... I might be able to join it and do some serious stuff... like water exercises and stuff.

Wish me luck.

Current Mood: busybusy

June 21st, 2007

10:30 pm: health...
I am slowly getting better. I will see the Dr. again on wednesday, and I think I will be able to do "light" walking... as in only 10 or 15 min at a time. Right now it is "no" walking, except as necessary - to be as much of a couch potato as possible.

But I have to do something. My weight is really affecting my feet. Having lost about 1/3 of each foot, the weight is not distributed, and so by the end of the day, even with supports and with not walking any more than totally necessary, my feet hurt.

The only cure is either a wheel chair (not an option!) or lose weight. I like that option.

Makes for pretty good motivation.

anyway... i've got a notebook.. a nice leather bound journal no less. I've decided to use it to record my food intake. All day. Every day. Anything passes my lips it will be written down.

Mainly because the act of recording forces me to acknowledge what I am eating and seeing it in black and white (or purple if I get the urge) will make me hesitate to eat what I don't want to record.

I've very good about not lying ... especially to myself. So this will help as long as I keep it up.

And.. I have bought a pedometer. I will start in the morning wearing it all day. So that I can find little ways to increase my activity, until I can officially do so. And I will keep track of how many steps I take as part of the journal.

I'm certainly not ready to give up.

Current Mood: determineddetermined

June 15th, 2007

11:26 pm: Long day. Nothing to talk about. Got to work at 7 am. Left at 10 pm.

Tired, hungry, and tired. LOL

A bowl of rice chex and bed for me.

good night.

Current Mood: exhaustedexhausted

June 12th, 2007

05:51 pm: today
Weigh in Day is Tuesdays... don't know quite how that happened but it did.

No change from last week. This is a good thing. Would be better if I lost, but biven my lack of mobility... I am not going to stress too much.

salad.. must have salad... must have salad.

Current Mood: busybusy

June 11th, 2007

09:14 pm: Today was a good diet day...

did glucerna for breakfast, a banana for a snack at 10, nutrisystem beef stew for lunch a nectarine for a snack, came home to a big salad with fat free dressing, and nutrisystem almond beef on rice.

I need to stay busy like this every day.. I barely remembered to eat, and didn't even feel hungry until I got home.

Stopped at the grocery store for sugar free ice pops at 10 cal a piece. I'm addicted to those things!

I'm going to try to post daily... I think it will help me stay on track. I'm reading every day - but don't always say anything.

So... here I am... signed sealed delivered...

June 10th, 2007

10:36 pm: Weekly goals
It's hard to believe another week has come and gone!

The goals:

1. Exercise 3 times this week
2. Only step on scale once
3. Have at least 3 days of excellent diet adherence

I did hit both 1 and 3.... but #1 caused me to spend most of Saturday in a Doctors office, because my wound from surgery ripped open. :( So I've been banned from "leg focused" exercise, like walking or biking. At least 4 weeks. Possibly longer. ::: growl :::

I can't do upperbody until after surgery on my shoulder, so that whole idea is pretty much toast for now.

I give up on the scale only once a week. Lets make it doable for me.. once a day. Only once. :)

So...this week I plan to meet these goals

1. 3 days of perfect diet
2. step on scale max of once per day
3. read a book for pleasure
4. say something nice to me about me once a day

Current Mood: irritatedirritated

May 29th, 2007

10:42 pm: only so so
I didn't have a great week... weight stayed the same, but that was a miracle more than anything. I went off my program for the mildest excuses.

And ate out way to much.

But I'm back on track... and it helps that my night job just kicked in again. That will keep me busy 4 nights a week ... and hopefully too tired to want to stay up and munch at night.

So... at least the weight didn't go up. This week, I've got to get serious about exercise as well as the food. Nothing will happen if I don't.

May 28th, 2007

09:30 pm: Weekly Goals
I started this last week, with an idea stolen from jadedpinkchange

Set three to five goals - to accomplish *this week*. (try to not make them all food/weight related.) Make them all attainable. Post the list. Next Sunday, post results plus a new set of goals.

Repeat each week.


I did ok. I set 5 goals and got 3 of them. The other two didn't happen.

So.. This week's goals (only 3 this time):

1. Exercise 3 times this week
2. Only step on scale once
3. Have at least 3 days of excellent diet adherence

cross posted to 100pounds2lose

12:07 am: A few years ago I noticed that my oldest brother, my youngest brother and I were all about the same weight. So I challenged them to lose weight with me. Then I got sick.. and I never got back on the wagon.

My youngest brother took up the challenge and he lost about 100 lbs. Which was fantastic. Because of his weight loss, he was able to rejoin the reserves. He was very proud of that, and believes he has a lot to contribute.

He was notified on Friday that he as been activated and will be mobilized for a minimum of two years to go over seas.

He is proud and happy with the news. An officer with his background and training can make a significant impact on the safety and success of his unit.

I am proud of him too. Many people talk the talk, but few are truly willing to put themselves in a role that can put them into the line of danger.

He has the courage of his convictions.

I am so proud of him, and to be his sister. I want to make him proud of me as well.

Current Mood: lovedproud

May 26th, 2007

10:37 am: Weekly goals
I posted this last Sunday on the community 100 lbs to lose - and realized I want to keep track of it myself, so I'm cross posting it here today.

An idea stolen from jadedpinkchange

Set three to five goals - to accomplish *this week*. (try to not make them all food/weight related.) Make them all attainable. Post the list. Next Sunday, post results plus a new set of goals.

Repeat each week.

1. Eat a piece of fruit every day
2. Only step on scale once (Tuesday AM)
3. Buy and listen to Phantom of the Opera sound track.
4. Have at least 3 days of excellent diet adherence
5. Have a picnic in the park.
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